How to fix friend requests bug in Helldivers 2
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How to fix Helldivers 2 friend request bug

Don't worry, your friends haven't abandoned you.

Helldivers 2 is more fun with friends, there’s no doubt about that. So, it’s extremely unfortunate that a bug is preventing players from sending and receiving friend requests.

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There’s no need to worry. This guide will explain methods to fix friend requests not working in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: friend request bug fix

While there is no definite fix provided by Arrowhead Games, we have done some digging to find possible methods for getting your friend requests to work in Helldivers 2.

  • Completely close out Helldivers 2 and restart your console or PC.
  • Turn Crossplay off and back on under the Settings tab in-game.
  • Instead of sending a standard invite, create a Friend Code and join that way.

The last one worked for me, and my friend was able to join. Repeat those methods and hopefully one will be your savior.

Helldivers 2 friend request bug workaround

If none of the steps mentioned earlier worked for you, then try the workaround I found on Reddit. Just be aware that it boils down to luck.

Here is how you can do the friend request bug workaround:

  1. Join a smaller player base sector at the same time as your friend.
  2. Join the same planet at the same time as your friend.
  3. Join the exact same active mission that appears.
  4. Warp back and forth until you find the mission that your friend started.

You must also make sure that you and your friend are on the same difficulty level. I recommend choosing a difficulty level that fewer players participate in, such as the highest or lowest ones. This will increase your chances of ending up on the same mission together.

Attempting this method repeatedly will eventually lead you to find the mission your friend is already in, allowing you to play the game together. As mentioned previously, it boils down to luck. Still, it seems to have worked for some players who mentioned it in YouTube comments and Reddit posts.

When all else fails, it may be time to contact Arrowhead Games support. On the bright side, I’m sure tons of players are contacting the developers, and since they have been releasing a steady stream of patches, this will likely be fixed soon.

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