Hellsdivers 2 Players Find Strongest Anti Tank Combo For Bugs After Recent Patch Featured Image
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Hellsdivers 2 players find strongest anti-tank combo for bugs after recent patch

Recoiless Rifle is back on the menu!

With the ever-changing meta of Helldivers 2, players are always on the lookout for new tricks they can use during the updates. In the latest patch of Helldivers 2 players can find the strongest and easiest anti-tank combo to kill the bugs. You should read on because Helldivers 2 can be a nightmare no matter the difficulty. This combo of weapons can take you far.

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It seems the Recoilless Rifle – which has been deemed one the best weapons in Helldivers 2 – has become even stronger. Now, you can use a single shot from the anti-tank weapon to down a single Charger. It’s a welcomed buff since Chargers can be a pain. Plus, you can use the EAT-17 Rocket Launcher to take on Bile Titans by only using half your shots this time around.

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Image: Arrowhead Game Studios

What’s cool about the recent patch, is that you can call EAT-17s faster than some of the strongest stratagems. On top of that, you can drop in multiple EAT – 17s in one spot allowing other players to help push enemies away. So you might not even need an airstrike after using these weapons. It also looks like you can make yourself into a one-man army with this amalgamation of weapons. By running in, shooting a few shots from the Rocket Launcher and quickly getting out of dodge.

Why does this matter?

This update is a welcoming one for players like me who use these weapons often. If you’re playing on the challenging difficulty or higher, there’s going to be a lot more heavies than standard enemies. On top of that, you have a higher chance of getting swarmed and failing the mission. This combo not only helps you fight alone but can also clear out advancing enemies. While this advice is great for the larger bugs, they can take out multiple smaller ones. So breathing room can be easily created if you use this setup right.

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