How To Fix High Ping In Wuthering Waves
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How to fix high ping in Wuthering Waves

Why so high?

As soon as I jumped into Wuthering Waves for the first time, I was met with some terribly high ping. If you’re also noticing high ping in your Wuthering Waves game, here’s how you may be able to fix it.

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Wuthering Waves: How to fix high ping

There are many ways you can fix high ping in Wuthering Waves. Here are some of the things that have helped me as I work toward 100% Exploration Progress.

Closing and opening the game

For some odd reason, closing Wuthering Waves, waiting a minute or two, and re-opening it allowed the annoying stuttering issues to stop. When you have a staggeringly high ping in this game, your game will freeze up and cause major stutter issues, yet the only easy fix seemed to be leaving and coming back.

Perhaps this is a timing thing, but every few logins to Wuthering Waves, I’d be hit with terrible ping. After a few tries of closing and opening Wuthering Waves, I’d enter the game with a normal ping.

Clogged servers

My biggest guess as to why players are facing high ping and stuttering issues in Wuthering Waves on launch is that everyone is trying to log in at the same time and play all at once. Overloaded servers in online games can lead to bad connection issues such as a high ping.

If closing and reopening your game isn’t working, try leaving for a longer amount of time and coming back later. This could lead to the servers being less busy than they were before.

Pick the right server

If you decided to pick Asia as a server when starting your Wuthering Waves account, but you live in North America, you probably should stick with the American server. If you live far away enough from the server you’re trying to play on, you’ll experience higher ping than normal.

Unfortunately, as soon as you pick your server, you’re stuck with it. Make sure to pick the server that is closest to where you live, or else you may end up with serious ping issues.

Keep the game and your drivers updated

Whether it’s keeping Wuthering Waves updated or your PC’s drivers updated, it all can affect how your game runs. Make sure you’re playing on the correct version of Wuthering Waves by checking your version and the latest version on the client.

I also recommend that you make sure all your PC’s drivers are updated. One of the most important drivers in this instance is your graphics driver, which can end up causing frame rate and other graphical issues alongside your high ping if you don’t check it for updates.

Hopefully, high ping is the only issue you’re running into while playing Wuthering Waves. This is because many players are also noticing their game crashing on start up.

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