How To Fix Homelessness Bug In Manor Lords
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How to fix homelessness bug in Manor Lords

Help the homeless.

If you’re trying to get rid of homelessness in Manor Lords but nothing seems to be working, how can you fix this bug? Here are a few ways you can minimize homelessness.

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Manor Lords: How to fix homelessness bug

Many players online have been complaining about a possible bug that’s not removing homelessness. This is preventing them from increasing their approval rating, and if they can reach 50% approval rating more villagers will move in. You can fix homelessness in Manor Lords by removing the Homeless People’s Tents or saving and reloading your game.

How To Fix Homelessness Bug In Manor Lords Burgage
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First off, the main way to get rid of homelessness is to build enough Burgage Plots for your villagers. Once you have built enough, all your homeless villagers should eventually move in. Some players have noticed that although they’ve built enough Burgage Plots, villagers aren’t moving in. You may find that saving, exiting, and reloading your save will work, as it has for some players online.

Once you do this, wait and see if your homelessness goes down and your approval rating rises. If not, you should try to remove the Homeless People’s Tents. Well, they can’t exactly be demolished. If all the homeless people leave, the tents should go away on their own, but if they don’t you can upgrade this plot into a Worker Camp.

How To Fix Homelessness Bug In Manor Lords Worker Camp
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The Worker Camp upgrade only costs one Wood, and it provides a living space for five families. After this upgrade, the Worker Camp cannot be upgraded a second time, and it may cause a small loss of approval. If you’re looking to raise approval, perhaps wait until the tents disappear instead since I looked for a demolish button on the Homeless People’s Tents and there wasn’t any.

Hopefully, at least one of these two methods of fixing this bug will work for your game. As a reminder, Manor Lords is in Early Access, so it’s normal to spot bugs like this in your playthrough. Other than getting rid of homelessness, you’ll want to also get fuel, food, and clothing market supply for your Burgage Plots.

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