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How to fix Soulmask crashing on startup

Here's how to fix Soulmask crashes.

Soulmask is the latest early access survival game to hit Steam, and as is the case with most of these titles, there are some serious issues players have been encountering during the launch window. Soulmask crashing on startup is the biggest problem that some players are facing, but there are some fixes you can try if you’re experiencing this.

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How to Fix Soulmask Crashes

In response to players’ crashing issues, the developer of Soulmask has shared some official fixes that will help the game boot up without issues.

  • Update your graphics card drivers.
  • Verify the integrity of the game files on Steam.
  • Log out of Steam and log back in.

These fixes have helped some players, but they haven’t solved the problem for everyone. Other players have reported that simply restarting their PC has stopped Soulmask from crashing on startup, so make sure you try that too. It’s a classic fix, but it works.

Some players have found that temporarily disabling their antivirus software does the trick since it can flag Soulmask as a false positive. Of course, be very careful if you try this fix, and be sure to reenable it after playing the game so you keep your computer protected.

Finally, some players have reported that completely reinstalling the game works as a last resort. Thankfully, Soulmask isn’t a huge game with a massive download size so it shouldn’t take too long if you have a decent internet connection. Still, this is a last resort and you should only try it after you attempt the other suggested solutions.

If all else fails, then the Soulmask developers recommend joining the game’s official Discord server so they can help you troubleshoot your problems. The Soulmask community has been constantly discussing solutions to the various bugs they’ve been encountering, so it’s a great resource. It’s also a good way to learn where to find resources and discover good strategies for important mechanics like hunting.

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