How To Hunt Animals For Meat In Soulmask
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How to hunt animals for meat in Soulmask

The hunt is on.

While in many games you can easily acquire animal resources simply by killing an animal, it works a little differently in Soulmask. I’ll explain how you can hunt animals for meat and other materials in Soulmask.

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Soulmask: How to hunt animals and gather meat

The first time I got stuck while playing Soulmask was when I was attempting to hunt game. At first, I thought it’d be as easy as striking them down, but I couldn’t find any meat in my inventory and the tutorial seemed to skip over what to do next. You can hunt animals for meat in Soulmask by using a Butcher’s Knife.

Whether you’re in multiplayer or not, hunting is essential to survival. After using my spear to kill a tapir, I was confused as to why I didn’t find its meat or other materials in my inventory. What the tutorial failed to tell me (unless I misread it) was that after killing the animal you must use a Butcher’s Knife to skin and harvest it.

How To Hunt Animals For Meat In Soulmask Butchers Knife
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You can find the Butcher’s Knife crafting recipe under Blueprint Crafting in your inventory as one of the many tools you can craft. At this point, I only knew how to craft a simple Stone Butcher’s Knife requiring five stone and one branch.

How To Hunt Animals For Meat In Soulmask Harvest
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After crafting one, equip it and hit the perished animal. You’ll start to gather items from it such as blood, hide, and meat. The meat is the important part since you can cook and eat it to regain health over time.

Keep hitting the beast until the corpse disappears, and now you know you’ve gotten everything you could out of it. Other than animals, I’m not sure what happens when you use the Butcher’s Knife on humanoids, but maybe I don’t want to know.

Hopefully, now you’ll be able to hunt animals with much more ease than before, especially if you choose the Rich mask in Soulmask.

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