How To Fix The Beeping Noise Glitch In Wuthering Waves
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How to fix the beeping noise glitch in Wuthering Waves

The mysterious ticking noise.

If you’re experiencing a strange beeping noise while playing Wuthering Waves, you’re not alone. Players online have been complaining about hearing a weird beeping noise glitch in Wuthering Waves, so here’s how you may be able to fix it.

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Wuthering Waves: How to fix beeping noise glitch

Some players online have been talking about a glitch causing your mouse to lag and the audio to play a beeping noise. As discussed in this post on the WuWa subreddit, this beeping noise seems to happen when your system cannot keep up with your input requests. Here are some solutions to how you can minimize or get rid of this beeping noise glitch in WuWa.

Lower graphics settings

Just like how players have been tackling the stuttering issues, you may be able to stop the beeping noises from happening by lowering your graphics settings.

You may find that putting some of the more intensive graphics settings to Low instead of Medium or High can minimize the number of times you run into this beeping problem. This also goes for turning off special effects like Motion Blur or Volumetric Lighting which also may help your PC run WuWa smoothly.

Close other programs

If Wuthering Waves is struggling to keep up with your input requests, your PC may be having a tough time running WuWa alongside other programs. Make sure to close other programs, windows, and applications while playing WuWa.

This could be anything from Discord running in the background to having your favorite web browser still open with too many tabs. Only try to run WuWa when playing it so your PC can focus on only running that application.

Change Screen Mode

In Wuthering Waves’ graphics settings, go to Screen Mode and switch it from full screen to windowed, or vice versa. Sometimes a game can run differently depending on which Screen Mode it’s on.

If you were in full screen but hate how it looks windowed, I was able to make it go windowed full screen by putting in the correct resolution. But perhaps going from windowed to full screen will make the beeping noises lessen.

Other than these common solutions, you may just have to wait for Kuro Game Studios to put out a patch fixing the beeping noises. Wuthering Waves is still very new so it’s bound to have issues like fatal error Line 258.

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