How to fix XP Tokens Locked bug in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

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You can expect Modern Warfare 3 to be hit with tons of issues. Since the game just recently launched, the bugs are piling up, like the game’s stuttering and freezing issues. A current problem is that XP Tokens in the game don’t seem to work.

This can leave many frustrated, especially players who want to level up quickly. To solve the problem, this guide should show you how to fix the XP Tokens Locked Bug in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

Modern Warfare 3 (MW3): How to fix the XP Tokens locked bug

This happened to me when I first launched MW3. I tried to activate a token it just…didn’t work. Thankfully, after looking through several posts online, I found I wasn’t alone. Luckily, there seem to be a couple of ways to squash this big. So continue reading. 

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  • Restart the game fully. Exit CoD HQ as well and make sure no instances are running in the background. To check, just look through your Task Manager. Once you’ve made sure the game is fully closed, launch back into the MW3 and it should work.
  • Try activating them on MW2 or Warzone. I don’t own MW2 on PC so I can’t confirm if this method works, or not. But according to a few players over on Reddit, you can open up MW2 and activate the token there. After that’s done, head to MW3 and it should work. If you don’t own MW2 on PC, try the same steps, except go on Warzone. You may have the same outcome. 
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Why does this bug happen?

After looking up the reasons as to why the bug appears, there’s no real answer. It may have to do with the servers being overwhelmed with many players joining at once. As things start to settle, the tokens may not mess anymore. But if they do, try the steps above whenever the problem pops up. 

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