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How to get a Sengoku Era Helm for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

Who knew Elizabeth was a history buff?

While most of the items Elizabeth requests can be found in the dorm, there are rare occurrences where you must look elsewhere. Use this guide to learn how to get the Sengoku-era Helm for Elizabeth, one of the most well-hidden items in Persona 3 Reload.

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Sengoku Era Helm location in Persona 3 Reload

The only hint Elizabeth gives you for request 75, “Bring me a helm from the Sengoku era,” is that you are well acquainted with someone who knows history. The person she is referring to is Mr. Ono, a Japanese history teacher at Gekkoukan High School.

To get the Sengoku Era Helm for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, head to the high school and go to the Faculty Office on the first floor. When you enter the Faculty Office, you will be met with a short cutscene and interaction between you and Mr. Ono. He will mention the Sengoku Era Helm but won’t give it to you. Not yet, at least.

Keep visiting the Faculty Office daily to speak with Mr. Ono until he finally gives you the helm. It may take longer for you, but I finally received the Sengoku Era Helm on 10/14, seven days after I accepted the request from Elizabeth.

Once Mr. Ono finally gives you the Sengoku Era Helm, return to Elizabeth at the Velvet Room and show it to her. You have now completed request 75.

Bring me a helm from the Sengoku era request rewards

After showing Elizabeth the Sengoku Era Helm and completing request 75 in Persona 3 Reload, you will be rewarded with seven Twilight Fragments. This is arguably one of the most valuable rewards Elizabeth will grant you as Twilight Fragments are incredibly rare and valuable. Twilight Fragments can be used to open rare treasure chests in Tartarus, rewarding you with armor pieces, weapons, skill cards, and more!

Does request 75 have a deadline in Persona 3 Reload?

The good news is that there is no deadline for the Bring me a Helm from the Sengoku era request. You don’t have to rush to get this done, but no matter what, you must visit Mr. Ono multiple times to get the helm. So you might as well get it over with, as it can feel like the request is dragging on if you wait.

Finding the helm for Elizabeth isn’t the only tough request you’ll take on, as there are a handful. Check out our guide on how to find a fashionable item for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, a request many players have had trouble with.

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