How To Get Ancient Puzzle Ring Diablo Iii Completion Time
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Season 28 is Diablo 3‘s last, and the new Altar of Rites system boosts character power to never-before-seen heights. In exchange for this power, however, the Altar demands sacrifices of valuable items such as Challenge Rift caches, Bounty Caches, rare crafting materials, and more. One sacrifice requirement players may find challenging is finding an Ancient Puzzle Ring. Fortunately, we know how to get Ancient Puzzle Ring in Diablo 3. 

Diablo 3: Where exactly is the Ancient Puzzle Ring?

Unfortunately, the Puzzle Ring is an entirely random drop in Diablo 3. This means there’s no specific way to farm for it other than the more general gear farming methods. The best way to farm gear, in general, is to run Nephalem and Greater Rifts in Adventure mode on the highest difficulty your character can comfortably complete the rifts. You still want to be time efficient; clear times should be no longer than five minutes. If you’re taking longer, lower the difficulty. If you’re clearing rifts in two minutes or less, raise the difficulty. Of course, use a farming build for your class with fast clear times. For example, Wizards might use a Tal Rasha-based based Meteor build.

How To Get Ancient Puzzle Ring Diablo Iii Rifts Menu

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Nephalem and Greater Rifts aren’t the only places to farm Puzzle Rings. You’ll also receive Blood Shards from running rifts, and their only use is gambling at Kadala. Your character will tell you when they can’t carry any more Blood Shards, meaning it’s time to see Kadala. Simply gamble your shards on the “Mystery Ring” option and hope for a Puzzle Ring.

Making the ring an Ancient

Of course, getting a Puzzle Ring is one thing, but getting an Ancient Puzzle Ring is another thing entirely. Every method mentioned above has a chance to drop an Ancient Puzzle Ring. If you get one, great! You got lucky. You could make it Ancient using Kanai’s Cube if you got just a regular Puzzle Ring. This requires you to use Recipe 2: Law of Kulle. The recipe rerolls the stats on your Legendary and Set items, potentially making them Ancient or Primal. Each use of the recipe requires the following materials:

  • 5 Khanduran Runes
  • 5 Caldeum Nightshade
  • 5 Arreat War Tapestry
  • 5 Corrupted Angel Flesh
  • 5 Westmarch Holy Water
  • 50 Forgotten Souls
How To Get Ancient Puzzle Ring Diablo Iii Cube Recipe

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As you can see, this recipe is quite expensive. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to keep farming rifts and Kadala for an Ancient Puzzle Ring or if you want to use the Cube recipe. You get Forgotten Souls from salvaging Legendary and Set items, while the rest of the recipe materials are found in Bounty Caches from each Act.

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