Totk Fire Breath Lizalfos Tails Avoiding Flame Breath
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How to get and farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

That lizard has a real fire in its belly...

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, every enemy and suspicious-looking plant you encounter is a resource. As you improve your equipment, you’ll probably spend a lot time hunting down particular enemies. This guide tells you how to get and farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom – how to get and farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails

To power up each piece of the Snowquill armor set to three stars, you need (among other things) three Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails. For each of three pieces, you need another 10 to take them to their four-star rating. That works out to nearly 40 in total. You’re going to need to do some farming, but not where you get and farm Lizalfos Tail.

To get and farm Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tails, you need to kill Lizalfos enemies that live in hotter regions. Specifically, that means the Death Mountain, Eldin Canyon, and Eldin Mountains regions. You can recognize the fire-breathing variety because they have glowing orange horns on their maws. Also, the fire they breathe is hard to miss. I suggest wearing a 2-star Flamebreaker armor set when you go hunting. It nullifies their favorite attack.

Totk Fire Breath Lizalfos Tails Locations Map

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The map screenshot above shows flower petal icons in the precise areas where I have had luck finding the Fire-Breath Lizalfos enemy. There are around 12 of them in the various areas surrounding Death Mountain.

When you kill a Fire-Breath Lizalfos, it may or may not drop a tail. Your luck may vary. In my case, approximately every fifth lizard drops its tail when defeated. Don’t kill a lizard right near the edge of a ledge, or its components may drop off the mountain and out of reach.  The rarity of the tails means you either need to kill a lot of lizards, or you need to reload a save when you kill one and it doesn’t drop the expected loot.

Besides the overworld locations noted above, you may find some of the enemy in the Depths. They guard some enemy encampments, and you can target them with Sensor+ to find them more easily. However, I find it easiest of all to farm by going to the above regions.

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