Tears Of The Kingdom Lizalfos Tail Guide

How to get and farm Lizalfos Tail in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Let's hunt down some tails.

Lizalfos are fairly common enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. You can find them at plenty of enemy camps both on the Surface and down in the Depths. And Lizalfos Tails also happen to be strong materials to use in weapon fusion. Plus, since some Lizalfos are elemental, you can collect tails that deal fire, ice, and lightning damage. So it’s not hard to imagine why you’d want to start farming them. Let’s get into the best ways to farm Lizalfos Tails in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom: How to get Lizalfos Tails

Lizalfos Tails aren’t quite as common as their Talons. I can personally attest to this since I have 54 Talons in my inventory compared to my 12 Lizalfos Tails. So, before you get started on farming Lizalfos locations, make sure you save the game before defeating them. That way you can reload the save in case your Tail yield isn’t great. As for the best places to farm Lizalfos, here are the best spots I’ve found on the Surface.

Lizalfos Locations Surface

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Each of these locations guarantees a Lizalfos encounter. The first two spots on the map are enemy camps that exclusively contain Lizalfos. So, if you’re lucky, you can collect around eight Lizalfos tails in total. The next three locations contain a mixture of Lizalfos and Bokoblins, so the yield won’t be as great. But heading around to each spot has scored me around a dozen Lizalfos Tails on a good day. But reloading a save if you haven’t received many from an encounter is vital. Once you’ve been to each location, we can head down into the Depths for more.

Lizalfos Locations Depths

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These four spots are also great farming locations for Lizalfos. But if you’re adventuring down here, be sure to bring the Depths armor set along with you to fight off the Gloom. Once you hit these four spots plus the five on the surface, you should have a good amount of Lizalfos Tails to work with. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait for the next Blood Moon before these enemies respawn. But that should be fine if you’ve managed to get plenty of Lizalfos Tails from each spot. Apart from these, be on the lookout for Black Bokoblin Horns and areas with Silver Lizalfos to get even more materials.

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