Animal Well Slink
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How to get and use the Slink in Animal Well

Get Slinked upon.

Slinkies have the ability to liven up any event, and it’s a very fun tool in Animal Well. That’s why you need to know where to find and how to use the Slink tool in Animal Well so that you, too, can be welcome anywhere.

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Like the disc, the Slink is one of the earliest tools you can get your hands on in Animal Well, and you’ll be using it constantly. I often got stuck in the game, forgetting I had it, only to remember its versatility and immense fun.

Animal Well Slink Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Head to this point on the Animal Well map to find the Slink (see the image above). It isn’t hard to get and only requires you to reach the location.

As soon as you grab the Slink in Animal Well, you will be required to use it. You may notice you’re on top of a large, stepped pyramid. Use your creative juices to figure out how you can press both buttons on either side at the same time.

The slink has one primary purpose in Animal Well, and that’s to be totally rad and a great conversation piece when topics start to run dry. The second use is to press buttons that might be otherwise hard to get to.

Now, the first type of button you will press will simply be at the bottom of the steps. This will give you the time to run to a gate or pathway before the slink presses the button in Animal Well. It is a great delayed button press tool and will often be used like this. It can also sit on a button while you press another with the blob.

However, there are other uses for the Slink in Animal Well. The Slink does not obey the laws of bridges. It is possible to drop it through wooden bridges onto platforms below. You will find this very useful at certain points in the game. In one stage, you will need to use this skill to press a series of buttons using pressure pads and steps. You’ll know it when you see it. It’ll help you unlock one of the many secrets in the game.

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