Yoyo Animal Well
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How to get and use the YoYo in Animal Well


You ever seen someone turn up to a function with a YoYo and just immediately dominate the room? We all have, and we all with we could be that guy. Once you find the YoYo and learn how to use it in Animal Well, you’ll instantly be the coolest blob in the game, I guarantee.

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Where to find the YoYo tool in Animal Well

I actually didn’t pick this tool up for a very long time in the game simply because I was too busy getting the Bubble Wand. It was only once I got to certain unpassable areas that I realized it wasn’t a skill issue; I was just unprepared. So, back into the depths of Animal Well I went to find the YoYo, which can be located here on the map (see the image below).

Yoyo Animal Well
Screenshot: PC Invasion

However, getting there is a trick. You will be entering the area from above, also marked on the map, making your way through a room with a bird dedicated to eating you. Enter this room from the right side, immediately drop down the first hole in the floor, and run to the first button.

Wait on the button until the long-necked bird tries to eat you and then leaves. Then, run left in the tunnels and press the next button. Repeat this for all the holes until you have pressed all four buttons, opening the door on the left of the room.

From here, head left until you find the pit. You can drop down here before saving. Now, it is just a simple case of heading right until you find the chest with the YoYo in Animal Well.

How to use the YoYo in Animal Well

The YoYo is a versatile and interesting tool in Animal Well. It is possible to throw it in any direction you choose with the direction buttons and X. This allows you to bend it around blocks, throw it above you, and squeeze it into small spaces. You can use it while flying on your disk or jumping in the air. This is the primary use for the YoYo in Animal Well as a long-range button and switch presser.

Yoyo Animal Well
Screenshot: PC Invasion

However, there are other, more subtle uses for the YoYo in Animal Well also. It can be used as a distraction to hit enemies and startle them from afar. The YoyYo can also be used to break certain elements in the game, such as spikes. It doesn’t obey the same laws as your blob and can be thrown through certain walls and bridges, reaching hard to get to spots.

Try throwing your YoYo at all sorts of things around you to see what happens; it’s more than it may appear. It may even be the secret to unlocking some of the game’s more hidden achievements.

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