How to get Battle Pass token fast in Warzone 2 DMZ Season 5

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For some reason in Season 5 of Warzone 2 DMZ the Battle Pass is confusing. You can level up the Battle Pass to earn free rewards like the Carrack .300, and you can also unlock rewards by using a certain currency. Each reward that needs to be unlocked needs 1 Battle Pass Token. If you’re playing Warzone 2 DMZ in Season 5, this guide can help you get those Battle Pass Tokens fast. 

Warzone 2 DMZ: How to get Battle Pass Tokens Fast in Season 5

To earn these tokens it’s not just how well you play, but a combination of how much you play. So to start, play on modes like DMZ that are both larger and longer. On top of that, do the missions like the Chemist’s Sources to earn XP faster. The faster you earn XP, the quicker you’ll get tokens. In other words, the DMZ mode is probably the best way to farm for the tokens. 

Another way to gain these tokens is by playing the battle royal section. Much like DMZ, do the missions rather than getting kills. Because missions will yield more XP overall. However, note that for both DMZ and Warzone 2, you will have players also hunting you. So be on alert while farming. 

While not as common, if you have XP Tokens, use them. They give out double XP per objective completed or kill. So you could level up quickly to earn more Battle Tokens this way.

For our big spender readers, you can buy Call of Duty Points and then use those points to buy the tokens. At the moment, if you use one hundred and fifty points, you’ll get 1 Battle Pass Token. However, if you buy the Battle Pass, there’s a bonus of fifteen thousand points which in turn, equals a hundred Battle Pass Tokens. An important note is that if you want to buy the tokens, you must have already bought the Battle Pass

Lastly, purchasing the Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition also gives out a healthy amount of tokens. You’ll have at least fifty tokens but be prepared to drop $100. So it may be a good idea at the start. But as you progress in the game, consider the free options rather than paying for them.

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