How to get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

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Gathering resources can feel like walking blindly into trouble. Don’t worry, though, we have sailed the seas for you to save up some time. Here is how to get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones.

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Skull and Bones: How to get Bronze Ingots

If you are enjoying Skull and Bones and you are just starting to become infamous amongst your pirate community, then you know that upgrading your ship and equipment is a necessity due to the enemies you might encounter during your travels. Bronze Ingots are a very important resource for building stronger ships and equipment, and you can refine them at any Refinery. However, the trick is getting the material required for the job: Copper. Yes, if you didn’t know, Bronze is mainly made up of Copper, so you will have to get some Copper ore.

Skull And Bones Bronze Ingot
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If you have followed the first steps in your Skull and Bones, then you probably already have a Pickaxe. If you want a new one, then you need to visit the Carpenter and exchange some Torn Sail and Broken Planks. Both of these are drops from enemy ships, so blow up some while sailing across the waters.

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Getting Copper at the early stages of the game may become quite a chore. To find Copper you will need to travel to the Redi Isle. It is located west of Saint-Anne, and you will have to enter through the rivers to the Sacred Tree Outpost. Go south and you will find two Copper veins you can use your Pickaxe on to get Copper. Travel back to the Refinery and exchange your Copper ore for Bronze Ingots.

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The rivers can feel a bit narrow, so make sure to don’t go too fast, otherwise you will damage your ship. Stop by the Sacred Tree Outpost and then fast-travel back to Saint-Anne to refine some Bronze Ingots.

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