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How to get Classic, Zombie, and Numbers Woods in COD Warzone and MW3

"Woods, you look different"

Since Black Ops 6 has been fully revealed to the world, you can earn rewards from the newest entry in other titles. One of those is the Woods skins. Follow along to learn how to get Classic, Zombie, and Numbers Woods variants in CoD Warzone and MW3.

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CoD: How to get Classic, Zombie, and Numbers Woods in Warzone and MW3

Unlocking these skins is easier than doing the “She never let me down” challenge. Instead of finding something or an area, you must play and earn a certain amount of XP for each skin. Getting them can take you tons of time, as the XP count is rather high. 

But to avoid confusion, I’ve broken each skin’s requirement below.

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How to unlock the skins

First and foremost, you have to have pre-ordered  Black Ops 6 first to participate in the event. It doesn’t matter which edition you get as long as you’ve gotten the base game. If you don’t want to drop more money on another CoD game, you can subscribe to any of the three tiers of Game Pass to get these challenges as well. Next, once you’ve purchased an edition or subbed to Game Pass, the challenges will unlock. 

Classic Woods Skin: To unlock the original skin of Woods, simply pre-order the game. This means, that when you unlock these challenges, you will have already earned this skin. As mentioned, you have to pre-order to get the challenges. So, you’re killing two birds with one stone. 

Zombie Woods Skin: Earning this variant requires you to get 100,000 XP. This can be done across all game modes. Consider playing Warzone to discover the mole to get this skin. Uncovering the mole needs to go around the map and search for intel. While you’re doing that, you can easily grind and gain XP that way. 

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Numbers Woods: Just like his Zombie version, you must get around 20,000 XP to unlock. I recommend doing quick and large game modes. Meaning, playing on maps like Rust that are small could help you bank up XP fast. As with the Zombie skin, you can play Warzone to accumulate points faster. This is assuming you’re playing better than everyone else in the lobby. 

Note, that these skins will be available in MW3 and Warzone, however, they’ll also be ready to use in Black Ops 6. It also seems these challenges might go on until the release of Black Ops 6, so you may have tons of time to earn them.

While you’re grinding away for these skins, you might also earn other Black Ops 6 rewards in MW3 and Warzone

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