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How to get Close Call kills in Modern Warfare 3

Phew, that was close. A close call.

Keep them weapons shooting! After all, these bullet holes are part of a bigger plan. Here is how to get Close Call kills in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: How to get Close Call kills

Whenever you spawn in a new match of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, you will experience quite a different array of ways of dying. Now, my favorite is “getting killed by players much better than me,” but when the occasion arises, I also enjoy getting my revenge, even when I’m fatally wounded. You see, that is what Close Call kills are all about. It is one of the Season 2 Week 4 challenges, and to actually get these kills, you will need to defeat enemy Operators while heavily wounded. This happens more often than you think, especially during close-quarters encounters. If you are not sure whether you have landed the Close Call kill — while you won’t receive the “close call” words — you will see a “Survivor” message on the screen alongside some blood spots.

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As long as you keep defeating enemy Operators while you bleed out in front of everybody, you will be able to get Close Call kills in Modern Warfare 3. Due to the nature of this type of kill, I suggest playing in small maps where you will get to face the enemy more frequently. You will probably die several times while attempting to survive the enemy fire, but if you make it out of the spray-and-pray alive, those Close Call kills will keep counting toward your tally.

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While equipping attachments with ADS speed or sprint to ADS speed bonuses, the challenge needs the player to use a Recommended Weapon with no attachments whatsoever. So, pick the Recommended Weapon that fits your playstyle and survive your encounters!

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