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Where to get Iron Ore in Once Human

Iron, man.

Mining shouldn’t be an issue. That is, of course, if you don’t handle space-time rifts and zombie-like creatures that will kill you in an instant. Oh, well, here is where to get Iron Ore in Once Human.

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Once Human: Where to get Iron Ore

Collecting Iron Ore in Once Human will not be as easy as you might expect. Contrary to other games where Iron is quite common, during your first hours of playthrough, iron will be nowhere to be found. But even if you did find some Iron Ore veins, it would be impossible to get it without the proper tools.

That is where the Bronze Pickaxe comes in. You can unlock this at the Memetics tab right after unlocking Bronze Casting. As a rule of thumb, each tier of Pickaxe will be able to mine one mining material one level above, making Bronze Pickaxes perfectly capable of mining Iron Ore.

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Now, the other limitation will be traveling to an area where you can find these Iron Ore veins. These will be located in the Iron River region just north of the Dayton Wetlands. This is a level 28 region, meaning that enemies will be significantly stronger than you if you are just starting up. The way there is also plagued with foes and the occasional boss, so progress a bit through the story until you get the motorcycle which will get you out of trouble fast.

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Once you get to Iron River, you will find a decent amount of Iron Ore veins on the ground. Since you have your Bronze Pickaxe, you will be able to mine these veins without any trouble. Just be aware that enemy density and difficulty are way higher. However, as long as you have some arrows and a crossbow or even a pistol you will be able to defend yourself.

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Now that you have some Iron Ore, you will be able to use the Furnace to smelt some Steel Ingots which will help you out with higher-tier recipes and items. I suggest visiting this place sooner rather than later since you can get these ores as well as defeat higher-level enemies without breaking a sweat and get items that are not available in the Dayton Wetlands.

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