How to get Essence fast in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies Essence
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If you’re familiar with Call of Duty: Zombies, you’re familiar with the Points system. Well, Points are being replaced with “Essence” – but it’s basically the same thing. Read on to find out how to get Essence in MWZ.

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Best way to farm Essence in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Whether you see it as Points in old-school Call of Duty: Zombies or Cash like in Warzone and DMZ, Essence Modern Warfare: Zombies’ in-game currency. You use it to buy wall weapons, buy Perk-a-Colas, use the Mystery Box, use the Pack-a-Punch, and purchase items at Buy Stations.

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Defeat zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Defeating Zombies
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The best strategy to collect Essence in MWZ is similar to the best strategy in old-school CoD Zombies — train zombies together in a row and mow them down. You get Essence as you defeat zombies, so do that efficiently by rounding up a big herd of zombies and lighting them up in a line.

Randomly, a slain zombie will drop a times two multiplier. Pick this up to get double the Essence for a short time. Sometimes, zombies also drop an Essence icon. Picking that up will net you Essence. You’ll see your Essence in the bottom left corner.

MWZ is different because there are vehicles. Rounding zombies up and running them over is a great way to earn Essence. However you do it, you’ll bank a lot of Essence if you defeat zombies.

Complete Contracts

Another great way to earn a lot of Essence fast is to complete Contracts. Contracts will likely work very similarly to DMZ and Warzone in MWZ, but when you complete them, you’ll bank a chunk of Essence instead of Cash. You’ll also get Acquisitions which you can use or keep for your next run.

I’d imagine you get more Essence if you are in a higher Threat Zone. Experiment with that. You’ll also likely get a big chunk of Essence after defeating a boss which there are a handful of.

Sell items

Modern Warfare Zombies Essence Container
Image: PC Invasion

Just like in DMZ, you can sell the random items you find at Buy Stations in exchange for Essence. There are also Essence Containers spread throughout the map that immediately get you 500 Essence.

Essence doesn’t carry over from run to run, so use it while you have it. Before you exfil, it’s a great idea to spend all your Essence on weapons, perks, and other upgrades. I doubt there will be a wallet equivalent for Essence, but that may come to the game at a later date.

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