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How to get food and fuel in Manor Lords

Keep people fed and keep your fires burning.

Food and fuel are the lifeblood of your village in Manor Lords, and you’ll need to have an ample stock of both if you want to survive the harsh winters where resource costs are doubled.

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There are multiple ways to get food and fuel in Manor Lords, but the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining which resources contribute to your food and fuel supply. Your main sources of food and fuel will depend on your starting location and available resources, but you can diversify later on with trade routes and smart planning.

How to Get Food in Manor Lords

There are multiple types of food in Manor Lords, but your starting sustenance will likely be a mixture of Meat and Berries. You can get Meat by placing a Hunting Lodge near wild animals on the map, and Berries can be harvested with a Forager Hut.

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Later on, you can start growing crops once you’ve obtained the necessary materials for farming. You can even raise small animals like Chickens to create a passive influx of Eggs in the backyards of residential buildings. Just upgrade your Burgage Plots and use your Regional Wealth to purchase upgrades that give you the resources that you desire.

If you don’t have enough natural resources nearby, then you can always import food (albeit at a steep price). Once you’ve built a Trading Post, you can spend Regional Wealth to unlock trade routes to import and export goods like meat. It’s only useful in a pinch, but importing food during a starving winter period can save your settlement from disaster.

How to Get Fuel in Manor Lords

Much like food, fuel can be obtained from various resources in Manor Lords. Firewood is the main source of fuel, obtained by placing a Woodcutter’s Lodge near trees. This will passively generate Firewood as long as there are trees to cut down. Try to place this in a different spot from your other wood-gathering buildings so they don’t have to compete with one another.

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Charcoal is the only other source of fuel in Manor Lords, and it’s far more efficient than Firewood. You need to build a Charcoal Kiln to start producing Charcoal. It requires a Development Point to unlock, so you’ll need to upgrade your settlement before you can get it. Once you’ve built a Charcoal Kiln, you can use it to transform one piece of Firewood into two pieces of Charcoal, essentially doubling your fuel output.

With that, you now know how to keep your people fed and your fires fueled in Manor Lords! As long as your buildings have workers and you have ample space in your local Marketplace, these goods will be automatically distributed to Burgage Plots so your residents can have access to them. Make sure you’ve got enough room in your Storehouses to stock up for the winter, too.

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