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How to get Intel Suit Spot Assists in XDefiant

You're only as good as your teammates.

In XDefiant, you’ll be completing challenges to unlock weapons and faction characters. Rafa requires you to achieve 50 Intel Suit Spot Assists, which is quite the challenge.

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What are Intel Suit Spot Assists in XDefiant?

Intel Suit Spot Assists in XDefiant relate to the faction ability of the Echelon faction. The Intel Suit allows you to periodically send sonar waves around your position. Any enemy that is within the Intel Suit’s sonar radius will be revealed to your teammates.

Xdefiant Rafa Unlock

So you can only get Intel Suit Spot Assists whilst playing as someone from the Echelon faction.

To score an Intel Suit Spot Assist, you need to have a teammate kill an enemy player that has been revealed by your Intel Suit. Sounds easy enough, although this requires some skill on your part, and competent teammates.

As it takes 30 seconds for the skill to refresh, and it’s not on for long, you’ll need to be precise in your timings. Allies and enemies will have to be available for you to pull these kills off.

Upon achieving 50 of these Rafa will unlock, and you’ll be able to play as him.

Best way to get Intel Suit Spot Assists in XDefiant

To efficiently get Intel Suit Spot Assists, you’ll need to abandon your fps shooter thinking and adopt the mentality of Sam Fisher. The radius of your Intel Suit isn’t too large, so to get as many enemies in your Intel Suit range to ping them for your allies, you’ll need to position yourself wisely.

Your kills won’t count here, so you’ll be relying on your teammates to react to your pings. Playing with friends is the best way to do this, although you can generally trust your teammates to kill revealed enemies. For the most part, at least.

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Knowledge of the map you’re playing on is needed. Sneaking around and positioning yourself in nooks and spots where the enemies are positioned is key. If both teams are vying over a control point, then sneak around and allow your Intel Suit to spot the defending or attacking enemies. This allows your team to take care of them and gives you the assists you need.

Just don’t get too carried away pinging and not fighting, else you may find yourself losing.

This becomes harder in lesser-populated lobbies, so play popular playlists for the best odds of pinging more enemies at once.

Depending on the skill of your opponents, you may get away with going prone over or under the standard level of the map. Being out of sight yet right on top of your enemies will allow your team to have a field day.

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