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How to get Japan and Kiwami Master Tickets for Sujimon in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The best Sujimon aren't found on the streets of Hawaii.

You’ll get most of your Sujimon in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth through the gacha system, but the best Sujimon can only be obtained with Master Tickets. Strong Sujimon are obtained with Japanese Master Tickets, but the best require a Kiwami Master Ticket to recruit.

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Thankfully, getting your hands on Master Tickets to pull on the best Sujimon banners is fairly straightforward as long as you put in the work and progress through the Sujimon League by defeating the members of the Discreet Four. Once you start hitting a difficulty roadblock, you’ll likely have a few Master Tickets in your possession to get better Sujimon.

How to Get Japanese Master Tickets in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Japanese Master Tickets can be obtained by visiting a Suji Spot, or you can receive them as a reward for defeating certain Sujimon trainers. However, Japanese Master Tickets will not start to appear until you defeat the first member of the Discreet Four.

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Defeating the first member of the Discreet Four will not only increase your Sujimon team’s level cap and allow you to battle higher-rank trainers, but it will also add Japanese Master Tickets to the Sujimon loot pool. Silver rank and higher trainers tend to drop them more often, so try to battle the best Sujimon trainers that you can manage.

The Japan Sujimon Gacha also takes cash if you don’t want to scrounge for Master Tickets, but even a single pull will set you back a pretty penny. One pull costs $5,000 which is nearly impossible to attain early in the game. As you reach the end of Infinite Wealth’s main story, however, you’ll be able to throw away that much money without a second thought. If you hit a wall in your Sujimon career, just come back with more money so you can build your team with powerful Japanese Sujimon.

How to Get Kiwami Master Tickets for Sujimon

Kiwami Master Tickets are obtained by completing legendary Sujimon Raids, denoted with a gold star on the Raid menu. Not only will you have the chance to capture a legendary Sujimon if you manage to defeat it, but you will also receive a Kiwami Master Ticket as a reward so you can pull from the Kiwami Gacha. Legendary Sujimon Raids feature enemies that are level 60 and above, however, so this is absolutely a postgame activity.

Unlike the Japanese Master Tickets, Kiwami Master Tickets cannot be purchased with money. The Kiwami Gacha only takes specific Kiwami Master Tickets and you’re guaranteed to get an ultra-powerful Sujimon from every single pull. You won’t be able to do anything with the Kiwami Gacha until the very end of Infinite Wealth because the level requirements to earn the tickets are so high.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon Kiwami Gacha
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Now that you know how to get the best Sujimon in the game, you should have no problem becoming the Sujimon League Champion and building the strongest team in all of Hawaii. You’ll need the strongest Sujimon if you want to take on the Divine League and other challenges in the Sujimon Arena, though, so make sure to complete Raids when you see them and save up on Master Tickets for the gacha system. Even if you get duplicates, you can always awaken and evolve your favorite Sujimon with them.

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