How to get joke weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Lollichop Joke Weapon

Joke weapons are a series staple at this point. Whether that’s with the joke weapons that are in Fire Emblem Fates, or the Tree Branch and others in Fire Emblem Awakening, they’ve been around for a while. Fire Emblem Engage is no different. These are indeed in the game. And they’re relatively easy to get, even if you have to place your bets on a little luck to get them. Here’s how to get joke weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage – Where are the joke weapons?

To get joke weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, you need to use the Ancient Well. If you don’t know how to use the Ancient Well, we have a guide on the matter. But in simple terms, all you have to do is place items in to get items back. To get joke weapons from the Ancient Well, any star rating will do just fine, as there’s a chance for them to drop from any chance level.

Fire Emblem Engage Joke Weapons

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What joke weapons are available

The joke weapons that are currently available in Fire Emblem Engage are as follows:

  • Biting Blade – Sword
  • Treat – Staff
  • Lollichop – Axe
  • Tiramistorm – Tome
  • Confectioknife – Dagger
  • Scrollcake – Arts weapon
  • Swirlance – Lance
  • Croissbow – Bow

With joke weapons, there’s one for every weapon type in the game, so each of your units can wield one on the battlefield. These weapons are fun to use in combat, and they also have another purpose too. Funnily enough, these items, based on food, can indeed be eaten. That’s right, they’re consumable items. When you do choose to consume these weapons, they must be incredibly delicious, because they recover HP for the user. Be warned however, when you consume the weapons, they do disappear.

With all of that information, we can only hope that you get the joke weapon that you want out of the luck-based Ancient Well in Fire Emblem Engage. We wish you the best in getting a delicious weapon.

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Fire Emblem Engage is available on the Nintendo Store.

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