Every way to get Love Tokens in World of Warcraft | Love is in the Air 2024

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World of Warcraft’s Love is in the Air event is a celebration of love, and what better way to honor that than showering yourself with gifts? To get your hands on Valentine’s-themed toys, cosmetics, pets, and mounts, you’ll need to collect Love Tokens.

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Blizzard revamped Love is in the Air this year, replacing the usual method of exchanging Friendship Bracelets and spraying perfume to earn Love Tokens. Instead, there are a bunch of new ways to earn Love Tokens through the Gala of Gifts. Here’s every way to earn Love Tokens in WoW and spoil yourself with lovely loot.

How to earn Love Tokens in WoW: Love is in the Air

As of 2024, World of Warcraft players can earn Love Tokens during Love is in the Air from the following sources:

  • Introductory quest — 10x Love Tokens (one-time only)
  • Daily Quests — 20x Love Tokens per day
  • Crown Chemical Co. questline + introductory quest — 130x Love Tokens (one-time only)
  • The Crown Chemical Co. dungeon — 5–11x Love Tokens per day
  • Donating to the Artisan’s Consortium — 10x Love Tokens per day

Friendship Bracelets, which could be used as an unlimited source of Love Tokens, have unfortunately been removed. Spend wisely!

Take a Look Around – Gala of Gifts location

  • Wow Gala Of Gifts Location Horde
  • Wow Gala Of Gifts Location Alliance

The first thing you should do during Love is in the Air is pick up the quest Take a Look Around from Valdrakken, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind. This introduces you to the Gala of Gifts, which serves as the event hub and is located outside Orgrimmar and Stormwind. It also unlocks Daily Quests, which is your primary source of Love Tokens throughout the event.

Daily Quests

Scenic Getaway Portal World Of Warcraft
Image: PC Invasion

You can pick up two Daily Quests from the Gala of Gifts every day. One quest revolves around a random love-themed task, while the other requires you to take a trip through the Scenic Getaway Portal to romantic locations across Azeroth. Each quest rewards 10 Love Tokens.

These quests are far more fun and involved than the dailies of yesteryear. My favorite is “The Gift of Relief,” which had me yelling around Orgrimmar, screaming into pillows, and kicking trash around while NPCs questioned my sanity.

Crown Chemical Co. questline

Detective Snap Snagglebolt World Of Warcraft
Image: PC Invasion

The Crown Chemical Co. Questline is a series of short quests that set the scene for the dungeon of the same name. Start the questline by speaking to Detective Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar or Strowmind and picking up the I Smell Trouble quest. Completing all four of these quests rewards you with a total of 130 Love Tokens, so don’t miss out!

Crown Chemical Co. Dungeons

Crown Chemical Co Dungeon World Of Warcraft
Image: PC Invasion

Completing The Crown Chemical Co. dungeon once per day will earn you a Heart-Shaped Box, which contains 5–11 Love Tokens. You also have the chance to obtain the coveted X-45 Heartbreaker mount, previously known as the Big Pink Love Rocket — no need to explain that change.

To queue for The Crown Chemical Co., select it in the Dungeon Finder (eye icon) or by talking to Detective Snap Snagglebolt. Snap’s questline requires you to complete this dungeon, so complete the Crown Chemical Co. questline before your first run of the event.

Donate to the Artisan’s Consortium

Artisian's Consortium Love Is In The Air World Of Warcraft
Image: PC Invasion

If you’ve got cash to splash, you can donate a whopping 10,000 gold to the Artisan’s Consortium in exchange for a measly 10 Love Tokens. It’s not a brilliant return on investment, but the option is there if you’re the type of World of Warcraft player with gold to burn. There’s also an exclusive achievement for particularly big spenders.

All Love Token Rewards in World of Warcraft

Heartseeker Manaray World Of Warcraft Love Is In The Air
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There are a ton of rewards to purchase during Love is in the Air from vendors around the Gala of Gifts. The most expensive event-exclusive items are the Heartseeker Mana Ray and Swift Lovebird mounts, and Love Boat and Exquisite Love Boat toys at 270 Love Tokens each.

Heartseeker Mana Ray (new)Mount270
Swift LovebirdMount270
Heartseeker Moth (new)Pet40
Lovebird HatchlingPet40
Truesilver Shafted ArrowPet40
Romantic Picnic BasketToy10
Eyes For You Only (new)Toy40
Date Simulation Modulator (new)Toy100
Peddlefeet’s Lovely HearthstoneToy (hearthstone)150
Love BoatToy270
Exquisite Love BoatToy270
Sturdy Love FoolToy100
Eternal Orange RoseCosmetic (head)20
Eternal Blue RoseCosmetic (head)20
Eternal Pink RoseCosmetic (head)20
Eternal Black RoseCosmetic (head)20
Eternal White RoseCosmetic (head)20
Eternal Yellow RoseCosmetic (head)20
Ancient Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade200
Awakened Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade450
Battle-Hardened Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade450
Eternal Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade450
Timeworn Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade450
Weathered Heirloom ScabbardHeirloom upgrade450
Rose of Dreams Fulfilled
Rose of Independence
Rosee of Joy
Rose of Friendship
Rose of Purity
Rose of Romance
Rose of Tragedy
Consumable – raises all stats by 10% for 168 hours5
Lovely RoseThrows a Lovely Rose at the target5
Single-Use BouquetThrows a flower bouquet at the target1
Box of ChocolatesContains chocolate (needed for achievement)10
Lovely FireworksFireworks (needed for achievement)5
Love FoolPortable target dummy (needed for achievement)10
Chocolate Bon-BombOne-time use bomb1
Pink BrightburstsFirework5
Manufactured Love Prism Shoots a pink beam at the target (needed for achievement)40
Bag of Heart CandiesContains consumable candies (needed for achievement)2
Lovely Dress BoxContains a random cosmetic dress20
Dinner Suit Box Contains a random cosmetic suit20
Silver Shafted ArrowShoot an arrow at a player to summon Kwee W. Peddlefeet (needed for achievement)5

Love Tokens can’t be mailed between characters on the same World of Warcraft account. That being said, most Love is in The Air rewards are shared between all characters, making alts handy to earn as many rewards as possible.

Every alt you have also means extra chances at the brand-new dragon armor and X-45 Heartbreaker. Unless you’re as luckless as me, who has yet to ride on a pink rocket in over a decade. Wait, no…

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