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How to get replacement respec weapons in World of Warcraft Remix (WoW): Mists of Pandaria

I'm a scrap man!

Looking to change specializations in WoW Remix but can’t find a suitable weapon? Here’s how to purchase replacement starter weapons and upgrade them in World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria. It’ll only cost you a few Bronze, I promise.

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How to buy replacement weapons in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Replacement Spec Weapons Wow Remix
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In World of Warcraft Remix: MoP, players can speak to Erus <Scrapper> on the Timeless Isle or in an Infinite Bazaar to purchase replacement green weapons for just 20 Bronze a piece.

For TomTom users, the coordinates to Erus’ Jade Forest location are this: /way #371 42.49 27.44 Erus.

Players can purchase weapons from Erus at the very beginning of WoW Remix in the starting area on the Timeless Isle or in most Infinite Bizarres throughout Pandaria. Strangely, he seems to be missing from the Shrine of Two Moons and Seven Stars.

Erus Weapon Vendor Location Wow Remix
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Whether you’re switching to Tank and need a trusty shield or a dagger to match your off-hand, Erus has you covered. The weapons he sells are extremely underpowered at Item Level 13, but they can be upgraded to match your character’s current level.

To upgrade your weapon, talk to Momentus at any Infinite Bazaar. If you’re in the Jade Forest Infinite Bazaar, Momentus is found directly to the left of Erus, bound to the inescapable fate of infinitely hammering an anvil.

What are Infinite Bazaars?

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Infinite Bazaars are the vendor hubs for World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria. Hidden from the unsuspecting citizens of Pandaria, members of the Infinite Dragonflight offer exciting rewards in exchange for Bronze.

Vendors sell the same items in all Infinite Bazaars, and you can find one in most Pandaria zones by looking for an icon of an hourglass next to a house. As well as buying mounts, toys, and appearances from years gone by, you can also transmogrify your gear by talking to Larah Treebender.

Infinite Bazaars typically also feature a Rostrum of Transformation to customize your Dragonriding mount. Now get back out there, Timerunner; you’ve got plenty of Threads to farm.

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