How to get second Archetype in Remnant 2

How to get second Archetype in Remnant 2
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Remnant 2 isn’t afraid to let you play your own way. Speech choices, dungeon discoveries, and load-outs are all fully customizable for a new game every time. When you first begin your journey in Remnant 2, you will find yourself given a choice of Archetype. This option decides what load-outs you begin with, your perks, traits, and skills. You are locked into this choice until later in the game when you can unlock a second archetype in Remnant 2; here’s how you go about it.

How to get the second Archetype in Remnant 2

How to get second Archetype in Remnant 2

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Choosing an archetype in Remnant 2 is a stressful time. It will determine your playstyle all the way up to level ten. Once you have managed to collect together ten trait points, you will be able to open up the option of a second archetype.

Once you have managed to reach the required level in Remnant 2, you must then visit Wallace. He is located in the crane cabin beside the docks. Talking to him will allow you to apply a second archetype in Remnant 2. However, you need more than just to have reached level ten in the game to be able to apply a second archetype.

Throughout the world, you will find the archetypes you can then apply to yourself. They must be purchased from vendors or discovered within the world. Once you have collected together an archetype you want to apply, visit Wallace in his crane. You will need to spend 1000 Scrap, ten Luminite crystals, and the archetype you would like to apply.

Most of the starting archetypes can be found in the area of Ward 13. You simply need to visit the vendors around the safe zone and buy them with a little scrap. However, there are a few secret and arguably better archetypes out there to be found. These are a little harder to get hold of but well worth your time in Remnant 2.

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