How to get Tactical Sprint Boots in Call of Duty Warzone
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How to get Tactical Sprint Boots in Call of Duty Warzone

Never underestimate movement tech.

Any good Warzone player will tell you that movement tech is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. If you want the scoop on the latest perk, here’s how to get the Tactical Sprint Boots in Call of Duty Warzone.

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What is the Tactical Sprint Boots Perk in Warzone?

The Tactical Sprint Boosts are a brand-new Perk for Season 4. This Perk gives you unlimited Tactical Sprint. You also gain a reduction in Fall Damage. While we don’t know the exact numbers for the Fall Damage reduction, it pays for itself if you survive a fall that would otherwise kill you.

Unlimited Tactical Sprint is self-explanatory, but the combination makes this perk an excellent tool for disengaging. If you’re an aggressive player, you can use the perk to stalk opponents who have to rely on their parachutes.

Anything that modifies movement is a top-tier Warzone perk in the right hands.

Where to get the Tactical Sprint Boots in Warzone

At the time of writing, we don’t know every loot source for the Tactical Sprint Boots perk. That said, we know you can find the boots in bunkers. There are several accessible Bunkers across the map, and you have the best shot at finding the new perk in those.

You can find Keycards for Bunkers in random crates. Once you have one, you can open any Bunker in Urzikstan. Unfortunately, Bunker’s aren’t visible on the map, but they are easy to find once you’ve memorized a few locations.

Are the Tactical Sprint Boots worth it in Warzone?

As the TTK (time to kill) is so blindingly fast in Call of Duty Warzone, anything that can make your opponent miss shots is solid. You move pretty fast while Tac Sprinting. If it’s enough to escape an encounter with your life, it’s worth using.

You recover quickly in Warzone, so you can use the Tactical Sprint Boots to escape, reset the fight, and reengage on your terms. The perk has plenty of offensive and defensive utility, but you’ll only find value if you’re a mobile player. If you prefer to bunker down in a building, the Tactical Sprint Boots won’t be worth the hassle of obtaining.

Perks win games in Warzone and none are as powerful as Specialist. This all-in-one Perk combo makes you the strongest Operator in the game if you’re lucky enough to find it.

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