How to get the Cross Grave GPS Locator in Sons of The Forest

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The first objective that Sons of the Forest tasks you with is finding “Team B.” This gives you three separate GPS Locators on your map that you can go to and discover various items. Some of the items you can find here are extremely useful, like a flashlight or the pistol. Another one of these objectives sets you out to a location with only a cross serving as a grave marker. Naturally, this should lead you to wonder how do you get the Cross Grave GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest. Here’s our guide on how to do so.

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Sons of the Forest: Retrieving the Cross Grave GPS Locator takes many steps

The way you retrieve this GPS Locator is similar to something else you have to do in the game anyway. Long story short, if you’ve acquired the shotgun, but the icon is still there on your map, then you just need to go back there and look for the GPS Locator in the same area. The Cross Grave GPS Locator is actually marking the location of the shotgun. If you’re still having it after getting the shotgun, then you simply missed the interactable. It’s a very easy thing to do considering the GPS Locator is rather small.

Sons Of The Forest How To Get Grave Cross Gps Locator

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If you haven’t got the shotgun yet, here is a quick rundown of what you need to do. Accessing the cross grave in Sons of the Forest is a relatively long process at the beginning of the game. Firstly, you’re going to need to head to the north of the map to find the rebreather. Secondly, you’re going to need to use that rebreather to retrieve the rope gun in the west of the map. Finally, you’re going to need to use both to acquire the shovel, which is in a cave relatively close to the rope gun cave. We have some guides going into this in more detail, if you need more.

After you retrieve all of those items, head to the Cross Grave GPS Locator. Dig at the site with the shovel until you can see interactables in the gravesite. Hopefully, with those steps,  you should be able to retrieve the Cross Grave GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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