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How to get the Here Comes the Bear trophy in Wuthering Waves

Earn free Astrite for defeating a tough enemy.

If you’re short on Astrite in Wuthering Waves, then completing achievements to earn trophies is a great way to earn some extra premium currency so you can pull for your favorite characters.

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While most of the trophies in Wuthering Waves are fairly straightforward and just require you to deal a certain amount of damage or defeat a boss in a certain way, some of them are frustratingly vague. One such example is “Here Comes the Bear,” which doesn’t have a detailed description. Your only hint is, “When there’s a man and a bear in the wilderness.” That’s not exactly helpful, so here’s what you need to do to earn this achievement.

Wuthering Waves Here Comes the Bear Achievement Guide

To get this trophy in Wuthering Waves, you need to defeat a special red mist elite enemy called the Spearback King. This menacing bear can be found in the Whining Aix’s Mire. Just teleport to the Tower of Adversity and follow the river west to reach him.

Wuthering Waves Spearback King Location Map
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Be warned, though, as the Spearback King is a level 120 enemy. As long as you have a strong team of 5-star Resonators that are level 60 or so, however, you should be fine. Just make sure you have powerful upgraded Echoes and do your best to avoid getting hit during the battle since a single swipe is all but guaranteed to kill your characters.

Perfect dodges and counterattacks are critical to success here since they do much more damage than standard attacks even though the Spearback King is a much higher level than you.

Once the Spearback King is defeated, you’ll unlock the Here Comes the Bear trophy and earn a whopping 10 Astrite for your efforts. It’s a paltry reward for how hard the fight is, but you’ll at least get a gold-rarity Echo as a guaranteed drop after defeating the bear for the first time. Other red mist elites also drop powerful Echoes upon defeat, so seek them out as you explore Solaris-3 to gear up your characters.

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