How to get the Karasawa in Armored Core 6

How to get the Karasawa in Armored Core 6

Serious firepower.

For long-time fans of the Armored Core franchise, the Karasawa is a weapon that is very familiar. It has appeared in every title so far, and Armored Core 6 is no exception. It isn’t unlocked in the usual way, with hidden chests or game progression. To get the Karasawawa, a lot of effort and time needs to be put into Armored Core 6. It is unlikely, if not impossible, to acquire it on your first playthrough.

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How to get the Karasawa in Armored Core 6

To earn the Karasawa, or KRSV in Armored Core 6, you need to progress through the LOGHUNT program all the way to level 12. This is no easy feat and will require returning to many of the missions and progressing partway through New Game+.

When you visit the replay option for missions, you will be told whether there is a combat log still available on the map. The text will either let you know that there is one pending or already completed. Go back and grab them all to get a little closer to acquiring the Karasawa in Armored Core 6.

LOGHUNT has you seeking out specifically marked targets on the map. As you seek them out and destroy them, their log gets added to your collection. As you level up your LOGHUNT in Armored Core 6, you slowly unlock more weapons, with Karasawa or KRSV at level 12.

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How to get the Karasawa in Armored Core 6

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What is the Karasawa or KRSV

The late-game weapon is a hybrid of plasma and laser weapons and can cause some serious damage when charged. The uncharged attack is nothing to write home about. However, if you have the time to charge it, god save any mech in your way. Uncharged, the weapon sits at 312 attack power. However, take the time, and it goes to 2522. A great addition to any Armored Core build.

Bear in mind the recoil is massive, and the ammo cost is also huge, so use the Karasawa with caution. If you’re in possession of this arm cannon, you probably have enough in the bank not to worry about these problems though.


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