How To Get The Rightful Owner Achievement In Dead By Daylight
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How to get the Rightful Owner achievement in Dead by Daylight

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With the new Dungeons & Dragons DLC in Dead by Daylight, some players are having trouble figuring out how to get the Rightful Owner achievement. We’ll explain how to get this achievement easily.

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Dead by Daylight: How to get the Rightful Owner achievement

For players who have the D&D DLC for Dead by Daylight, you now have access to the Survivor Aestri Yazar, the Killer Vecna, and some achievements. One of them is called Rightful Owner and it says to “Retrieve the Hand or Eye of Vecna and kill or sacrifice all Survivors in the same match.” This is worded confusingly, but you can earn the Rightful Owner achievement in DBD by performing a Mini-Mori on a Survivor who has accumulated two Hook Stages.

The Hand and Eye of Vecna are new rare items that Survivors can pick up during matches with Vecna. The reason why you may be confused by the wording of this achievement is because simply killing a Survivor who has one of these items won’t allow you to retrieve the item.

Dead By Daylight Best Vecna Build
Image: Behaviour Interactive

The unique thing about these items is that Survivors who are attuned to them with two Hook Stages already accumulated are vulnerable to Vecna recovering the Artefact from them. This means that you as Vecna must ensure that the player has accumulated two Hook Stages already, which can be tricky.

To retrieve your Hand or Eye of Vecna, press the attack button while you’re standing by the downed survivor who has accumulated two Hook Stages already. This will allow you to perform a Mini-Mori which is a special interaction that Vecna can do.

The second part of the achievement also states that you must kill or sacrifice all Survivors in a match. Ensure that you both retrieve your Hand or Eye of Vecna while also winning the match by killing all Survivors.

Clearly, this is a difficult achievement to earn, but it’s a lot easier to understand once you learn more about Vecna’s kit and build.

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