Starfield Abandoned Asteroid Mine Following Red Cable To Computer
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How to get through the locked doors in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield

Deep cuts.

Starfield welcomes players you to a sprawling galaxy of adventure. You’re free to explore much of it as you see fit, but some missions put you within a more confined space with puzzles to solve. That’s the case in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine, which is part of a lengthy faction mission. Here is our guide telling you how to get through the locked doors in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield.

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Starfield – how to get through the locked doors in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine

You visit the Abandoned Asteroid Mine as part of the Surgical Strike mission. It’s a faction mission you’ll complete while working for the Freestar Collective Rangers. Near the final part of that mission, you must work your way through the mine to meet a contact. To get through the locked doors in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine, burn away the pins or activate remote switches.

Starfield Abandoned Asteroid Mine Emergency Cuttable Wall

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Emergency cuttable walls

The Abandoned Asteroid Mine is a large area with multiple door types. You’ll descend through several levels, fighting robots and other hazards. Sometimes, large metal doors block your progress. When I explored the mine, I encountered two different types of door that required me to put on my thinking cap. They are sturdy enough that lockpicking is not an option.

The first type of door has four protruding hinges. Signage calls it an Emergency Cuttable Wall. You’ll see two hinges on the top and bottom of the left and right sides, exactly where you might expect to find them. Burn all of the hinges away using your Cutter tool. The laser quickly causes each hinge to weaken and fall to the ground. With the hinges gone, the door (or chunk of wall) is just a sheet of metal. It drops out of your way.

Starfield Abandoned Asteroid Mine Remote Security Door Computer

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Doors with remote access

The second door type has no visible weaknesses. However, look closely at your environment. You should spot a red cable, connected at the top of the massive door’s frame.

Follow the red cable back to its source. You will see it dangling along a ceiling or trailing along the ground. When you trace it across the area, you will find a building with a Remote Security Door Computer. Use a Digipick to access the computer (it’s the same process as picking a lock on a safe). Then use the computer to remotely open the door. Follow the cable back to the newly opened door to proceed.

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You may encounter multiple instances of each type of locked door. As you explore the mine, figure out how to get through any locked doors only after you eliminate patrolling enemies and turrets.

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