How to get Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

How To Get Veiled Crystals In Diablo 4
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Veiled Crystals are one of the most important resources in Diablo 4. These orange gems are vital when needing to upgrade high-leveled gear, such as armor, weapons, and jewelry. Not only that, but you need Veiled Crystals for imprinting Aspects onto items through Occultists. No matter the use, knowing how to get Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4 is highly useful.

Diablo 4: Veiled Crystals guide

Once you attempt to upgrade any item past level three, you’ll realize that it needs a few Veiled Crystals. Also, you won’t be able to Imprint Aspects without them. So what is the best way to get this orange crystal? Sadly, there’s only one way you can earn Veiled Crystals, but it’s easy enough to do. Head to a Blacksmith in any town, and Salvage your items.

When you Salvage something, instead of receiving gold for it, you get materials and resources. Usually, you just get Leather, Rawhide, or Metal Ore. But when you Salvage a Rare or Legendary item, you can earn yourself some Veiled Crystals.

How To Get Veiled Crystals In Diablo 4 Blacksmith

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Although early on in the game, you may want to sell all your high-leveled items, as they’re worth more gold. That’s what I was doing, until I realized how many Veiled Crystals I needed. Once I noticed I had way too much gold, I prioritized Salvaging Rare and Legendary items over Normal and Magic items. This way, I was still earning a good amount of gold when selling my pile of loot. But I was also getting a lot more Veiled Crystals than I originally was.

If you’re early in your Diablo 4 playthrough, I would recommend starting out Salvaging any Rare or Legendary item you don’t want. Earning gold isn’t too much of a problem, but running out of Veiled Crystals is. Since you’ll want to upgrade all your jewelry, armor pieces, and weapons, it’s important to gather as much of these gems as you can.

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