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How to increase player carry capacity in Starfield

Might as well come stocked and prepared.

Galaxies are full of stuff, and you’ll see a lot of things in Starfield that you’ll want to take with you. Whether it be guns, equipment, resources, or miscellaneous valuables, you’ll need deep pockets to avoid getting overburdened and draining your stamina faster. We’ve figured out the ways to manage all this stuff, so here’s everything you need to know about how to increase player carry capacity in Starfield.

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How to increase player carry capacity in Starfield

New characters start the game with a base carry capacity of 140 or slightly greater depending on your type of character. The way to increase this stat further is to unlock different skills. What players also need to be aware of is that companions and your ship’s cargo storage offer convenient ways to hold excess loot. Since your companions are always nearby and you’ll generally have access to your ship, these are ways to more than triple your general carry capacity.

Your companions are the best extension of your direct carry capacity, though. Use them for things you plan to sell later and keep anything useful on your direct person. You’ll need to engage in conversation with your companions to access their inventory, so that’s no good in a fight.

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As for Skills to improve your character’s total carry capacity, the Weight-Lifting skill is the go-to. You can increase your player carry capacity in Starfield by as much as 100kg once you max out the skill tree. Rank 1 adds 10kg to your carry capacity, Rank 2 adds 25kg, Rank 3 adds 50kg, and Rank 4 adds 100kg.

Of further note, you can also reach Ran 2 in the Leadership Skill to increase your companion’s carry capacity by another 50kg. That’s a significant boost when you add everything up and should allow for plenty of worry-free scavenging while exploring new locations.

Now that you know how to increase your carry capacity in Starfield, why not check out our guides for other useful Skills. We’ve covered ship controls and some useful Skills along with the best ranked starter skills.

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