How to join all clubs in Persona 3 Reload

How To Join All Clubs In Persona 3 Reload
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Similar to the old Persona 3 games, Persona 3 Reload allows you to join clubs, but how can you access them all?

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If you want to be a decent student and join all the clubs offered you’ll also gain access to certain Social Links. Here’s what clubs you can join and how to get into them.

Persona 3 Reload: All clubs and how to join them

While past Persona 3 versions would give you a choice between a few clubs and sports teams, Reload only gives you one option per Social Link. Those would be the Track team, Arts Club, and Fashion Club. There are certain prerequisites to joining some of these clubs, which we’ll explain further below.

How to join the Track team

How To Join All Clubs In Persona 3 Reload Track
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On 4/23, you’ll first hear about the Track team. In previous versions of this game, you could choose the Track, Swim, or Kendo team, but not in Reload. On this same day, you can join the Track team by entering the Gym Hallway and walking into the Practice Field.

This will allow you to start the Chariot Social Link, available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You’ll meet Kazushi Miyamoto here, and the Chariot Social Link will begin.

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How to join Fashion Club

How To Join All Clubs In Persona 3 Reload Fashion
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The Fashion Club will become available to you once you reach Rank three of the Hierophant Social Link and meet Bebe for the first time. You can find the entrance to the Fashion Club on the first floor of the school, which is the Home Economics Room.

To enter the room, you must first get to level two Academics. Entering and joining the club will kickstart the Temperance Social Link, which you can spend time with on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Just make sure you join Fashion Club before the third Full Moon, or else you’ll be locked out of this permanently due to Bebe moving away.

How to join Arts Club

How To Join All Clubs In Persona 3 Reload Art
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The final club you can join is Arts Club, which becomes available on 6/17, giving you access to the Fortune Social Link. All you have to do here is enter the Art Room on the first floor since there are no prerequisites to joining.

You can meet at Arts Club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, all while growing a relationship with Keisuke Hiraga. Also, in past Persona 3 versions, you had the choice of joining either Arts, Science, or Music Club, but again, you only get Arts Club this time.

Now that you’ve joined all the clubs you can in Persona 3 Reload, you should start other easily missed Social Links, such as the Gourmet King’s Moon Social Link.

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