How to start Chihiro Fushimi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Chihiro Social Link Guide
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Chihiro Fushimi is one of the earliest optional Social Links you can start in Persona 3 Reload. But just like in the original game, she’s an extremely easy character to miss out on. There’s a chance you can miss her entirely during your playthrough too.

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Luckily there’s only one real prerequisite that needs doing before starting Chihiro’s Social Link. You need to have joined the Student Council and unlocked the Emperor Social Link. Don’t worry about missing this because it’s mandatory on 4/27. Afterward, you can start talking to Chihiro the next day on 4/28, and make progress toward the Social Link.

Chihiro can be found in the 2F Hallway of Gekkoukan High School on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. But you’ll need to talk to her a total of three times to kickstart the Social Link with her. There’s no time limit for how long Chihiro will stick around. So if you’re in August and still haven’t talked to her, don’t worry, you can still start the Social Link like normal.

Persona 3 Reload Chihiro Meeting
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Useful information about Chihiro

Chihiro’s Social Link unlocks the Justice Arcana for your character in Persona 3 Reload. And there are quite a few useful Personas under this Arcana, especially in the early game. These include Angel, Archangel, Principality, and Power to name a few. But when you’ve completed the Justice Social Link, you’ll unlock the Fusion for Melchizedeck. One of the coolest Personas/Demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series in my opinion. And yes, Chihiro is also a possible love interest for the Protagonist in Persona 3 Reload.

There are plenty of other characters to meet in Persona 3 Reload besides Chihiro. Another one that’s similarly easy to miss is the Maiko Social Link. So be sure to set aside some time to see what her story is all about.

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