How to level up fast in Elden Ring

Want to level up fast in Elden Ring with low effort? This guide will show you how.
Featured How To Level Up Fast In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a challenging game to play. From the towering bosses roaming the Lands Between to dangerous entities lurking in its darkest dungeons, the game isn’t forgiving, and you’ll surely die over and over again. While leveling up doesn’t give you a sure-win advantage over the enemies, it can help make the game easier. Here’s how to earn more runes and level up faster in Elden Ring.

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How to level up fast in Elden Ring

Using items to increase Rune gathering skill

ER Items

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Like older FromSoftware games, Elden Ring boasts several items that can help you increase your Rune-gathering skill. So, before you grind, be sure to have at least one equipped for maximum efficiency.

Here are some items you can try to find in the Lands Between:

  • Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot: Increases Rune gain by up to 30% for 180 seconds.
  • Gold Scarab Talisman: Increases Rune gain by 20% when equipped. Found in the Abandoned Cave north of the Swamp of Aeonia in Caelid.
  • Celebrant Weapons (Skull, Cleaver, Sickle, Rib-Rake): Provides Runes per hit
  • Golden, Hero’s, and Lord’s Rune: Allows players to gain Runes when used.

Best Rune-farming locations in Elden Ring

Gatefront Ruins (Early Level 1-15)

You can access a straightforward early-game farming spot via the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace. Clear the entire campsite, run back to the site of grace, and repeat. Spirit Ashes will help you clear the camp faster. This site gives about 1,200 Runes per run.

Limgrave Tower Bridge (Early Level 15-35)

This Site of Grace is accessible after defeating Margit The Fell Omen. You can easily farm the three Golems along the bridge. Though they may look intimidating, they quickly fall and net you at least 3,000 Runes per run.

Impassable Greatbridge (Early Level 15-35)

This is a great alternative to the Limgrave Tower Bridge spot. However, this is much farther off from the starting area. You can use Torrent to run past the enemies and get to this Site of Grace.

Once you get to the Grace, you should rest and sneak onto the barricade. You’ll see two groups of enemies fighting each other, and you can reap what they sow. This farming site is very low effort and low risk, getting you around 4,000 Runes per run.

Lenne’s Rise (Mid-Game 35-75)

This farming site is another low-risk and low-effort area with no combat. Once you get to the Site of Grace, you need to summon Torrent and head down the slope, wherein a huge ball will spawn behind you. You need to turn a hard right to dodge the ball and watch it fall off on the cliff, which gives you Runes.

Go further down the slope, and another one will spawn in which you have to do the same thing again. Teleport back to the Site of Grace and repeat the steps. This method will net you around 3,900 Runes per run.

Farum Greatbridge (Mid-Game Or Late-Game 35-75+)

This spot is debatable for us whether it’s a mid- or late-game farming area. The reason why it’s debatable is that the enemies here have almost 1,000 HP, and they hit like a truck. If you’re within the mid-game levels, you’ll most likely get one shot by them, so be careful.

Regardless, this is one of the best farming sites that is easy to access and nets you the most Runes during your mid-game run. There are 16 enemies in the area, and if you kill all of them, it will give you at least 18,000 Runes per run.

Palace Approach Ledge-Road (End-Game 75-120+)

If you have already finished the entire Elden Ring storyline, you can get the weapon called Sacred Relic Sword. It has a weapon skill called Wave of Gold which trivializes this farming spot because you can one-shot all enemies there. This is how you can level up fast in Elden Ring during the late-game to endgame section.

You can access this area by defeating Godrick the Grafted and finishing the White-Maske Varre’s questline. Stand in the same spot as the image above, and cast Wave of Gold. Killing every enemy here will net you approximately 32,000 Runes per 30 seconds.

Low-risk, high-reward bosses for Rune Acquisition in Elden Ring

Low Risk Bosses

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There are two bosses in particular that you can easily take on without risking death. Both bosses have no difficult combat segments, unlike Malenia from Patch 1.0. Killing them will grant you at least 100,000 Runes.

  • Elder Dragon Greyoll
    • Travel to Fort Faroth and rest at the Site of Grace. Over to the west, you’ll see a huge dragon resting there. Attack her tail with a bleed weapon to slowly whittle her HP down to zero and you’re good to go. Don’t worry — she doesn’t fight back, but be careful of the younger dragons surrounding her.
  • Night’s Cavalry at Lenne’s Rise
    • Make sure it’s nighttime first, and then head north. You need to aggro the Night’s Cavalry, run up the slope, turn left, and once you’re at the top of the slope, the boss will magically disappear and die upon trying to get back to its starting location.

Now that you know where to farm in Elden Ring, you have an overpowered character. If you know how to get the Mimic Tear, then you’re taking on bosses with 1.5 times your raw power.

Farm Spot Limgrave Tower Bridge

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