Girlfriend In Infinite Craft
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How to make a Girlfriend in Infinite Craft

This doesn't count as one, by the way.

Infinite Craft has genuinely limitless possibilities, and you can combine some truly zany items into even stranger items. The most mythical of all may be the Girlfriend. You’ll also probably be surprised that Lord of the Rings will be with us for the latter end of our journey.

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You can make a Girlfriend by combining Love and Best Friend, so see below to learn how to make both of those combinations.

Making Love in Infinite Craft

Love In Infinite Craft
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Even in Infinite Craft, to have a Girlfriend, you’ll need Love, and this is the easiest part of our journey. You can follow the steps below to create Love in Infinite Craft:

  • Water + Wind = Wave
  • Wave + Earth = Sand
  • Sand + Sand = Desert
  • Wind + Earth = Dust
  • Dust + Earth = Planet
  • Planet + Desert = Mars
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Ocean
  • Ocean + Ocean = Sea
  • Sea + Mars = Venus
  • Venus + Mars = Love

Once you’ve made Love, put it aside for later, as you’ll need to next make Best Friend.

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Making Best Friend in Infinite Craft

Best Friend In Infinite Craft
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Best Friend is indeed required to have a lasting and committed relationship, and Infinite Craft takes that into account. Making Best Friend is a little harder than Love, though, for some reason. See below for the sequence of steps that you’ll want to take.

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Steam + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Tree = Forest
  • Forest + Rain = Rainforest
  • Rainforest + Plant = Oxygen
  • Fire + Earth = Lava
  • Lava + Water = Stone
  • Stone + Earth = Rock
  • Rock + Oxygen = Metal
  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Window + Glass = House
  • Metal + Rock = Sword
  • House + Sword = Castle
  • Castle + Castle = Palace
  • Palace + Castle = Kingdom
  • Kingdom + Castle = King
  • Love + Love = Heart
  • Heart + Metal = Ring
  • Ring + King = Lord of the Rings
  • Lord of the Rings + House = Hobbit
  • Hobbit + Lord of the Rings = Frodo
  • Lord of the Rings + Sword = Aragorn
  • Aragorn + Love = Arwen
  • Arwen + Swamp = Elf
  • Elf + Lord of the Rings = Legolas
  • Legolas + Frodo = Friendship
  • Friendship + Friendship = Best Friend

Now that we’ve got Best Friend and Love, we can finally combine them to make you a Girlfriend. You can also now complete a bunch of Lord of the Rings combinations if you’re a fan. I know I did.

Now why don’t you try making one in real life?

With that out the way, we’ve also covered how to make Superman and Clark Kent, for even more fictitious combinations.

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