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How to make a Steel Ingot in Once Human

Welcome to the Iron Age.

The better the crafted items, the more activities you will need to complete. With that being said, here is how to make a Steel Ingot in Once Human.

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Once Human: How to make a Steel Ingot

Making Steel Ingots is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting up your Once Human journey. First of all, you will have to level up and spend Memetic points in the Memetics tab to be able to unlock the Forging Techniques under the Infrastructure activities.

This will allow you to craft Steel Ingots at your furnace. This, however, will present another problem: getting the necessary materials to craft the Ingots themselves.

Once Human Forging Techniques

Fortunately, the requirement to get Forging Techniques is the Bronze Pickaxe Memetic. This is great because you will need to get Iron Ore to craft Steel Ingots, and the Bronze Pickaxe is the right tool for the job. To craft it at the Supplies Workbench, you will need to collect the following materials:

  • 5x Log: Cut them from trees around the world.
  • 7x Bronze Ingot: Smelt it using the following materials:
    • 5x Tin Ore: Locate Tin Ore veins at level 12 regions such as Broken Delta, west of Dayton Wetlands.
    • 3x Copper Ore: Copper Ores are all across Dayton Wetlands.
    • 1x Charcoal:
  • 1x Hide: Collect it by hunting animals and interacting with them.
Once Human Bronze Pickaxe
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Don’t celebrate just yet. Dayton Wetlands, the starting region, does not possess any type of Iron Ore veins across the zone. The good thing is that these veins are not far from there.

The bad thing is that they are located in the Iron River region, a level 28 zone. If you just want these Iron Ores, just drive your motorcycle – continue the main quests until you get it -, mine the Ore, and get back. Otherwise, be prepared to face enemies who will not be hesitant to kill you.

Once Human Iron Ore Location Iron River 1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you have your Iron Ores, prepare some Charcoal by processing Logs at the Furnace, and then begin smelting your Steel Ingots.

Once Human Steel Ingot Furnace

I suggest you begin crafting these Steel Ingots and invest in Infrastructure Memetics since these will result in much stronger gear and tools that will carry you through the initial stages of the game. If for whatever reason you are surrounded by enemies – I was assaulted by level 28 pigs, which isn’t something I ever expected to say-, then use your crossbow to deal damage and defeat them.

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