How to make Glass in Once Human
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How to make Glass in Once Human

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Better resources mean better gear, and you’re going to want the best if you’re looking to really get out there and explore. Here is how to make one of the most most essential Once Human resources: Glass.

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Acquiring Glass in Once Human

Glass is a relatively early-game item to get in Once Human. It can be crafted almost as soon as you have built your base using the most basic Facilitues on the list. You will simply have needed to build your base, and then you can unlock the furnace. This facility will be used to create a lot of the base items you need in Once Human,

The Furnace can be found by entering the Build menu with B, and then locating the Facilities Menu by pressing Right Mouse Button. Here you will see the furnace, needed to craft Glass in Once Human. You will need 20 Copper Ore, which can be mined from the orange rocks around the map. You will also need 30 Gravel which you will find from any of the mineable rocks in the game.

How to make Glass in Once Human
Image: PC Invasion

Once you have constructed the Furnace, simply head over to it and open the crafting Menu. You will see glass on the list of early items you can construct. However, before you make glass, you will first need Charcoal. This is also made in the Furnace by burning wood, which can be collected from any of the trees. To make one glass in Once Human, you will need one Charcoal and three Gravel.

Select how many pieces of glass you would like to make, and press craft. The Furnace will then begin the process. Depending on how many pieces you have made will determine how long it takes. Once the process is complete, simply click on the completed glass in the bottom left of the Furnace menu and it will be added to your Once Human inventory.

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