Goku In Infinite Craft
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How to make Goku in Infinite Craft

Can you make the whole cast?

Infinite Craft has allowed us to tap into many fictions, from Pokemon to DC to Harry Potter. So, it’s only par for the course that Goku from Dragon Ball Z can be made here as well. I’ll also be jump-starting your Dragon Ball Z collection in Infinite Craft.

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Making Goku in Infinite Craft

Dragonball Z In Infinite Craft
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Strangely, making Goku is super simple in Infinite Craft. All you’ll need to do is make Dragon Ball Z and then combine it with Wind, for some strange reason. Whatever floats the game’s boat, I guess.

I’ll be going over how to make Goku from scratch, so follow these instructions and you’ll have Goku in no time:

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Water + Earth = Plant
  • Water + Plant = Swamp
  • Fire + Swamp = Dragon
  • Dragon + Steam = Steampunk
  • Earth + Steampunk = Robot
  • Plant + Robot = Cyborg
  • Dragon + Cyborg = Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Z + Wind = Goku

See? It’s that easy. With Goku unlocked, there is a whole new fiction that we can jump onto.

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Potential with Goku in Infinite Craft

Different Dragon Ball Z Combos
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I’d recommend that you make numerous copies of Dragon Ball Z and Goku by double-clicking on them numerous times. With this, just go crazy and throw a bunch of elements at them. The starting elements provide a great jumping-off point.

There are so many combinations, so I’ll list a few notable ones to get you started!

  • Goku + Fire = Super Saiyan
  • Goku + Earth = Vegeta
  • Goku + Vetgeta = Gogeta
  • Goku + Water = Kamehameha
  • Dragon Ball Z + Water = Dragon Ball
  • Dragon + Dragon Ball = Shenron
  • Dragon Ball + Shenron = Wish

You can also keep combining Goku and the Super Saiyans to keep making further and further Super Saiyans. Also, by combining two Super Saiyan 4s, you can make Super Saiyan 4 Fusion, which is just awesome. I wonder just how many Super Saiyan ranks you can get to?

You can even combine the Dragon Ball Z fiction with other fictional realms. By combining my Harry Potter Cubed, I was able to make Goku Cubed, a first discovery! I recommend that you try mashing as many fictions as you can together, as the results are truly hilarious.

Now that you know how to make Goku and dive into the world of Dragon Ball Z in Infinite Craft, why don’t you make Superman and jump into the world of DC?

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