How to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire
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How to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

These don't make you invincible, but it's a start.

If you’re new to Witchfire, one of the first things you’ll notice is how fast you die. A duff dash or wonky positioning can send a run into a death spiral. Without a way to heal yourself, you’re as good as dead. Fortunately, there’s a way around that. Healing Elixirs restore a small portion of your health bar. These potions aren’t perfect, but they can offer just enough health to keep you alive. If you’ve been relying on finding these tinctures on the map, let me show you a more reliable way to invest in your survivability. Here’s how to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire.

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How to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

There’s an Apothecary Station in the Shrouded Hermitorium (the starting area) dead opposite the portal. As a brand-new player, you won’t be able to brew potions here, although you can after a couple of runs.

How to make Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

Image: PC Invasion

To make Healing Elixirs, you must go into the field and collect ingredients. The plant you’re looking for is called Angelica (pictured above), and it doesn’t seem to have a fixed spawn. I have the best luck finding these plants around the edges of the scenery and rarely find them out in the open. The one in the picture stands out quite well, but they are usually harder to spot against all the greenery.

If you’re on the hunt for ingredients, I recommend clearing out an area of enemies and tracing the edges of the locale. You’ll likely find many different types of mushrooms on your travel. Sadly, most of the mushrooms in Witchfire hurt you, so I advise leaving them unless you’re desperate.

When you return to the Shrouded Hermitorium (alive or otherwise), you can trade your Angelica for Healing Elixirs. You’re limited to taking just two at a time into your runs to begin with, but as you progress, you can carry more.

Do I keep my Health Elixirs if I die?

For such a punishing game, you may be surprised to learn that you retain Health Elixirs when you die. Death hurts in Witchfire as you lose all your hard-earned Volatile Witchfire, but Health Elixirs are one of those rare things you don’t have to worry about.

As death is so brutal, I recommend spending every Elixir you have if your demise is imminent. Still, your healing items remain intact if it comes to the worst.

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