How to obtain Soot Black Dye in FFXIV

How To Obtain Soot Black Dye In Ffxiv

Soot Black Dye is one of the most sought-after dyes in the game. It is one of only three black dyes available, with its counterparts often expensive and difficult to obtain. Soot Black isn’t easy to get either- it’s not purchasable from the dye NPCs in the cities. Yet the ways you can obtain it may surprise you. Here’s how to Obtain Soot Black Dye in FFXIV.

Obtaining Soot Black Dye- The three methods

The first way is to do the Ixali tribal quests, the A Realm Reborn crafting Tribal questline. The Ixali quests unlock by completing the Main Scenario Quest ‘In Pursuit of the Past’ and then picking up ‘A Bad Bladder’ from Scarlet (9.9, 11.4) in New Gridania.

Once you reach Respected rank with the Ixali, buy Soot Black Dye from the Ixali Vendor for 216 gil each. To achieve Respected reputation, you can easily rank up by doing the three daily quests that are available upon unlocking their Tribal quests, then buy the dye once you complete ‘A Designer Job’.

If you have a crafter at level 30 and above, as well as Miner or Botanist at the same level, you can just make the dye yourself. Harvest Grey Pigment from trees in the Upper Paths area of South Shroud just outside Quarrymill if you have Botanist or from rock nodes in the area right of Aleport in Western La Noscea. Search up Soot Black Dye in your Crafting Log and create it from a single Grey Pigment. Grey Pigment is also obtainable from Botany or Mining Exploration Ventures at level 28 if your retainer has access to the venture. It’s also a possible reward from a lot of items when they are desynthesized.

The final way to obtain Soot Black Dye in FFXIV is to buy it off the Marketboard in any city. It tends to be on the pricier side, so exercise due caution to your gil wallet.

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