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How to play crossplay in Sker Ritual on PC and Xbox

Don't face the hordes alone.

Sker Ritual is a great homage to the iconic CoD Zombies, although, like the spiritual predecessor, you will definitely want to play with friends. With friends on different devices, crossplay will need to be available.

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Is Sker Ritual crossplay?

Sker Ritual is cross-play, but it’s limited. Currently, crossplay is only available between Xbox and PC, as it has been a struggle to enable crossplay between PlayStation.

Crossplay on launch will be available between Xbox/PC. Playstation makes it a little tricky for an indie game like us but we hope that can change in the future.

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The developers are working on this, however. So I’m sorry PlayStation players, but you’ll have to wait for the feature to become available.

But players have still been struggling not just with crossplay, but with sending multiplayer invites in general. Let’s see what we can do.

How to use crossplay in Sker Ritual

Frustratingly, there is no in-game function to help players connect. The only way to invite friends seems to be through using the platform’s friends feature the game was installed on, but this doesn’t allow for invites to be sent to other platforms.

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With the lack of an in-game feature, the only hope to play crossplay in Sker Ritual right now is for the PC players to have the game on the Xbox app, so they can receive invites from friends on consoles and vice versa. Although that doesn’t seem to be working for everyone right now, either.

Until Sker Ritual adds functionality to invite your friends in-game, there is nothing you can do but keep trying to invite your friends on PC through Xbox. If someone has Sker Ritual installed through Steam, they won’t be able to receive or send invitations to any Xbox players.

This is limiting, but the developers are working on it, and hopefully, soon, players will be able to invite who they want and how they want to engage in the waves of zombies together.

It is currently unclear when this patch will be released. Due to the tricky nature of such things, it may be a small while before crossplay is fixed and expanded, although the invite difficulties should be addressed rather soon.

At least you can get some reps in on your own to train for the onslaught when these features get implemented. Happy hunting.

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