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How to play Star Wars Hunters on PC: Noxplayer and BlueStacks

Mobile players will never see you coming.

Star Wars Hunters has the potential to make a splash, but being a mobile-only game might deter people from playing. However, there is a way to get this third-person shooter working on your computer. This guide will show you how to play Star Wars Hunters on PC.

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Star Wars Hunters: How to play on PC

Even though Star War Hunters is on mobile, it can be seen as one of our anticipated games for good reason. It has cool characters playing differently, plus, you may play on some iconic maps from the series. 

Star Wars Hunters may be one the best games on mobile to play. But, you can make it one of the best Star Wars games on PC if you follow this guide below. 

Star Wars Hunters Storm Tropper
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Steps to play on Noxplayer

Unfortunately, Star Wars Hunters can’t be played on PC natively, but there is a way. It might sound not very easy so this guide will go through each step. 

  • First download Noxplayer. This is the program that will allow you to play mobile games on your computer. 
  • Next, download both the GL Tool APK and the Star War Hunters APK. But don’t open them yet.
  • This is an important step. When you download and install Nox, press the cog wheel on the top left. In this new window, make sure to change the following settings. 
  • In the Performance Tab select Performance settings and a drop-down menu will appear. If it’s on Medium, navigate to the Highest option
  • Then, in the next option where it says Graphics Rendering Mode, select Enhanced compatibility mode (OpenGL +)
  • After, head into the General Tab, and look for Startup Items. Check the Root box
Star Wars Hunters Wookie
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  • Once that’s done, click on save. This will close Nox down, and the program will restart. 
  • When Nox opens up again, drag the GL Tool APK file into the Nox Program. It should start to install automatically. 
  • Do the same for the Star Wars Hunters APK file as well. Drag it into Nox, and it’ll install on its own. 
  • Head back to GL Tools and open it. You should get a pop notification, if you do, press allow
  • On the next screen, checkmark all the boxes and press install
  • After it installs, press the Remeber Choice Forever, and then click Allow.
  • When Nox closes and reboots itself again, press GL Tools once more. You should get a menu with a bunch of programs, look for Hunters.
  • Now, in this menu checkmark the first box which is Enable custom settings for this app. Then scroll down till you see the GPU name/emulation category. Click on Use Fake GPU info
  • In the same category, look for Fake GL_Renderer and copy and paste the following text: Adreno (TM) 660.
  • Right under should be Fake GL_Version. Copy and paste a slightly longer text: OpenGL AS [email protected]. (GIT@56c8b3e99c,lgb409dfc204,167337388)
  • After, leave GL Tool APK and open up Star Wars Hunters
Star Wars Hunters Players About To Fight
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Finally, the game should work after all the settings are tweaked around.

Note, if you want to take your progress with you on other devices or even another PC, ensure you put in your email address when prompted. This way, nothing will get left behind. 

Steps for BlueStacks

Unlike Noxplayer, BlueStacks seems to be a lot more straightforward. Because of that, you may opt for this method instead.

  • If you haven’t already, download the BlueStacks application.
  • Once it’s installed, you may be prompted to sign into your Google Play Store account.
  • In BlueStacks, navigate to the search bar in the home screen.
  • Input Star Wars Hunters and it should show up in this list.
  • Click install and wait for it to complete.
All game modes in Star Wars Hunters and how to unlock them featured image
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If done right, you should be able to play right away. However, you must have the BlueStack app opened up if you intend to keep playing on PC.

If you have the right Tank in Star Wars Hunters, you can be a threat.

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