How to play Star Wars Hunters with a controller: Set up and compatability guide
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How to play Star Wars Hunters with a controller: Set up and compatibility guide

It's not cheating right?

Changing the button layout for Star Wars Hunters might be a game-changer, but using a controller can give you an advantage. This set up and compatibility guide will show you how to play Star Wars Hunters with a controller. 

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How to play with a controller in Star Wars Hunters

To get to the point, Zynga has officially stated that you can use Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Pro Controllers to play Star Wars Hunters. Because of that, the many modes offered in Star Wars Hunters can be easy to play. 

However, the mobile version is offered on both Android and iOS. This guide will go through both platforms.

Setting up a controller for Android phones for Star Wars Hunters

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If you’re using an Android phone, getting a controller to work on your phone is simple. So, we’ll go over each console’s controller in case you need a refresher.

Note, make sure your Bluetooth option is turned on

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: Both controllers have the same method and are technically the same. After turning on the controller, press the Pair button on the top for three seconds. It’ll have three curved lines. Once it is starting to pair, go to Apps, Settings, and Connected Devices on your phone. There will be a list of all your Bluetooth devices. Scroll down, and the Xbox controller should be already found on your phone. Select it, and then the controller is ready to use. 
  • PS4 and PS5: First, ensure the controller is turned off and not connected via wire. After, press and hold the Share or the Create button on the left of the touchpad till the light bar flashes. On your phone, just like the Xbox controller, it should show up in your Bluetooth Devices if you’ve done this right. 
  • Nintendo Pro Controller: If you’re playing using this input method, you sadly can only do this with iOS devices. At the moment, there’s no Andoird support for the Pro Controller. 

Setting up a controller with an iOS device for Star Wars Hunters

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Apple devices have historically made their users go through hoops for features such as playing games with a controller. This might be the case here. But before going further, make sure your Bluetooth connection is activated on your Apple device.

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: Just like setting up for Android phones, both controllers are set up the same way. Press the Pair button at the top, and head to the Bluetooth option in the settings of your Apple device. The Xbox controller should be their attempting to pair. Select it, and then the controller’s ready for use. 
  • PS4 and PS5: By turning off the controller, press the Share or Create button. The Create option is only on the PS5 controller. When you hold down the controller, the light bar will start to blink. As soon as you see this happening, head to your Settings on your device and navigate to Bluetooth. The PS4 or PS5 controller should be recognized by the device. When you select it, you’re able to use it at that point. 
  • Nintendo Pro Controller: Setting up this controller is easy. Just like the Xbox controller, look for the Bluetooth button at the top. Press it long enough till the LED lights at the bottom light up. This means it’s pairing. After, go into the Settings of Apple Device with Bluetooth turned on, and look for the Pro Controller under the Other Device option. Just like that, the controller is good to go.

If you’re using third-party controllers, you can try using these steps first to get your controller to work.

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Is all of Star Wars Hunters supported by controllers?

The short answer is sorta. Right now, you can use the controller in the main menu, gameplay, hunter selection, In-Match ability information, the scoreboard, and post-game results. But for everything else, you must use the touchscreen. Thankfully the game is in its early days, so we may see full controller support in the future. 

Before connecting your controller, see if your device is compatible with playing Star Wars Hunters.

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