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How to change button layout for Star Wars Hunters

You need the force to hit these buttons accurately.

Star Wars Hunters, being an online MOBA game on the mobile, has the issue of button placement. Those small buttons won’t be positioned correctly for every player’s comfort, so they’ll be wondering if they can change the button layout in Star Wars Hunters.

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Can you modify the button layout in Star Wars Hunters?

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, you can’t change the button layout in Star Wars Hunters. Considering almost every online competitive mobile game has had this availability, it’s surprising that Star Wars Hunters has been released without it.

The game is in its early days, however, and I reckon it won’t be long at all until this feature gets added soon, especially as people have been complaining on the Subreddit about this simple quality-of-life improvement.

I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve thought I’d hit a special ability button only for it not to launch, costing me my life. Such simple inconveniences shouldn’t plague the game at a time where it doesn’t affect any other.

Although you can’t modify the layout of your buttons, you can change the interface type of the ability buttons. This doesn’t really affect things too much, but you may find it works better for you. In the settings menu, in the Interface tab, you can change the ability positions from phone mode to tablet mode, and vice versa.

In the tablet mode (left), you’ll see that the jump button is closer to the right and has been elevated, to join the ability button arc. The ability buttons have also been ever so slightly repositioned, although to near unnoticeable state.

This doesn’t really fix the issue, but it’s something that may work for you if the jump button has been troublesome. If you’re still struggling, you can map the buttons how you like on PC.

Until we get an update that implements custom button layouts, you’ll have to make do without it. I hope this doesn’t impede your Hunter Token farming, hunter.

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