How to rename your ship in Helldivers 2

How to rename your ship in Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2 offers a space frigate load of customization options. You can express yourself on the battlefield, but what good is that if your ship has an awful name? If you don’t want to be the laughingstock of the fleet, here’s how to rename your ship in Helldivers 2.

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How to change your ship name in Helldivers 2

After finishing the Tutorial, you can name your ship from two lists to create a title. Unfortunately, there’s no way to use a fully custom name, so those who want to call their Super Destroyer the Enterprise in Helldivers 2 may be disappointed.

How to rename your ship in Helldivers 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve committed the cardinal sin of misnaming your ship, it’s easy to change. Use the Ship Management computer to the left of the Armory. In the Destroyer tab, press Square (X on an Xbox controller), and you change your Ship name.

It’s as simple as that, and you can change names as often as you like.

Although most are level-locked, you can also buy new Stratagems and Ship Modules here, so be sure to check back regularly. 

What’s the point of renaming my ship in Helldivers 2?

Your ship name isn’t often visible, although you can see it proudly emblazoned across the hull on load screens. Your ship name isn’t a big deal, but in a game where customization and cosmetics are a focal point, it’s great there’s an option to change it.

Can I get other ship names in Helldivers 2?

At the time of writing, you can’t pick any additional ship names beyond what’s on the list. I’ve checked the in-game vendors, and there don’t seem to be any more choices. This may change in the future, but we don’t know for sure. 

If you pre-ordered Helldivers 2 and can’t find your bonus content, you’re not alone. Check out our guide, which explains where the items should be and a few things to try if they aren’t there.

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