How to reset sword variant in Project Mugetsu

Roblox Project Mguetsu Sword Variant
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Project Mugetsu has a lot of options when it comes to swords. If you are a Soul Reaper, every sword is tied to a Shikai which is given out at random. So, to change your sword variant, you need to change your Shikai in Project Mugetsu.

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Project Mugetsu: How to change your sword

There are two ways to reset your sword variant in Project Mugetsu: through codes and Legendary OrbsPM codes act like any other codes available in any other Roblox game. Go to our Project Mugetsu codes guide for the most up-to-date codes.

Once you have a code, all you need to do is enter it in the main menu. If the code still works, you’ll get a message at the top of your screen telling you it was successful. You’ll then be able to use whatever bonus the code gave you, which could be a Shikai reroll.

The other way to reroll anything in the game is through Legendary Orbs. These are extremely hard to get, but once you have one, you can reroll your Shikai, your clan, or anything else. One of the reroll options is specifically for your sword variant.

The only way to get a Legendary Orb in Project Mugetsu is to beat bosses. Each boss has a one percent chance of dropping a Legendary Orb. The easiest boss to beat is in Soul Society.

If you really want to change your sword variant, you need to grind the boss until it drops a Legendary Orb. You can then equip the Legendary Orb and select the reroll sword variant option.

Those are the only ways to change your sword appearance in Project Mugetsu. Everybody knows anime Roblox games are all about looking cool, so it’s important to get the best sword variant. Good luck!

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